Terms & Conditions

  1. The official delivery period from the production source should not be less than (30) days from the date of the manufacturing contract. It can be changed to increase or decrease the period according to the design.
  2. In choosing fabrics that are not available at the supplier, the customer must change the colors according to the agreed price listed in the manufacturing contract. 

  3. The conformity rate for the manufacture of any image model ranges between (85-95%) of the general shape of the product.

  4. The customer has no right to cancel the invoice/contract or modify the model after (12) hours have passed from the date of the order.

  5. If the goods are not received within (30) days from the date of delivery, the order is considered canceled - the customer is not entitled to a refund of any payments.

  6. The goods are guaranteed by the factory for a period of (2) years against any craft except for the fabric. Warranty is only honored with original customer receipt.

  7. The given guarantee includes only the new product of sofa sets and seating, and this guarantee does not include the old curtains/tables/upholstery...etc.

  8.  In the event of a defect or a technical problem with the product, KLIK®'s supervisors will fix the defect so that the customer bears the shipping fees to the source region and the KLIK® foundation handles the fees for re-delivery to the customer’s address.

  9.  I declare that I have read all of the above conditions and agree to that.